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07_ELP International Student Identity Card

International Student Identity Card

All participants must obtain an International Student Identity Card by the deadline set forth in the Participant Guide. Additional information is included here and available at: www.isic.org .        


How can I get the card? 

  • Online
  • Visit a local issuing office online.  Please remember to take along all the necessary documents needed for your card to prove your student status and identity, as well as a recent passport photograph of yourself

What documents do I need to apply for the card?
The ISIC is only available to full time students, so you must be able to prove you are currently studying full time at school, college or university. When applying please provide one of the following documents:

  • A copy of your university or student identity card, clearly dated and indicating you are a full time student;
  • A signed and dated letter on official university or school stationery stating you are studying there full time. We prefer an original copy, although photocopies and faxes may be accepted.

You will also need:

  • Proof or your date of birth (for example: passport, birth certificate, Official Identity Card issued in your country of residence);
  • A recent passport sized photograph of yourself

I bought my card, do I have to activate it?
Yes, your card should be activated. You can check your card status to see if you need to activate your card on the right hand side of this page. Simply enter your card number in the ‘Check your card’ box and click ‘Check card status’. If you card is not currently activated you can visit the Card Activation Page to activate your card online. Card activations take a maximum of 2 working days to check and process. You will receive an email notification as soon as your activation is completed. Once your card is activated you can easily access all the online discounts and benefits available to you with your card.