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Meet our heroes

They work tirelessly to make our international experience possible because they believe that great leaders are best developed in the classroom of life.


Nyah Project Founder/ Chair
Executive Director, Venture Café Miami 


Akivia Bassaragh Headshot.jpg

Attorney, Brown Sims

"Travel to me is an opportunity to learn different cultures, broaden my perspective and gain insight on how others interact in our global community.  The Nyah Project provides a mind-opening experience which transcends the myopic world most young people grow up in, and in turn, creates a more tolerant and compassionate young leader. "

Michele Hyndman Hodge Headshot.jpg

Sr. Director, Marcum LLP

"Travel truly awakens leaders. Experiencing and relating to different countries, cultures, ethnicities, and religions opens our Nyah Fellows' ability to understand and partner with others to create a better world.  The Nyah Project fosters cultural exchanges with people around the world and the opportunity to travel as youth develops innovative thinkers who become tomorrow's leaders"

Dreema Stokes Headshot.jpg

Community Manager, National Parkinson Foundation

Webber J. Charles Headshot.jpg

Ransom Everglades Site Director, Breakthrough Miami

"Education has less to do with ivory towers and impressive faculty as it has more to do with the books we read and the places we travel. Travel challenges personal truths, shapes our understanding of the world, our place in it, all while giving credence to the possibility of 'other.' Such reflection is necessary in the development of global citizenry. The Nyah Project meets this need in contemporary education."

Lara O'Donnell Headshot.png

Attorney, Berger Singerman

"The more immersive, thoughtful, and diverse the travel experience, the more transformative it tends to be, particularly in cultivating essential leadership qualities such as empathy, tolerance, the humility to challenge one’s own views, and the courage to grow from that challenge. The Nyah project recognizes that such opportunities should be made available as much as possible to all young leaders, not only for their own personal growth, but for the betterment of their communities, and indeed all of us that stand to be enriched by their contributions."

Director, Urban Philanthropies

Daniel_Green Headshot 1.jpg

Founder & CEO, Green Sports Management

"I support the Nyah Project because, as a youth growing up in the inner city, I was not afforded the privilege of experiencing other cultures through travel. To be able to assist in giving back to the young leaders in this way means the world to me.  The Nyah Project is instrumental to developing future leaders of the world and providing invaluable experiences for the fellows that will last a lifetime."

Justin Pinn Headshot.jpg

Breakthrough Miami

"The Nyah Project uniquely empowers youth to not accept the world for the way it stands before us today, but to have the audacity and tenacity to challenge and change the world into the way it can and should be."


Program Advisor

Senyo Adjibolosoo Headshot.JPG


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