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Its difficult to describe how amazing our visits to the HFLA primary school and high school were.  The younger children were so welcoming and mirrored our eagerness to play and learn together.

The secondary students were no different!  After a series of high-energy ice-breakers, we made friends in no time.  Despite cultural differences, we recognized even more similarities through group discussions that crossed international barriers.

Our meetings were always headed by an energizing assembly that fostered a sense of community among all who participated. Every day at each HFLA, the students sing the national anthem, hymns, recite the pledge of allegiance and the HFLA motto: peace, love, compassion and forgiveness.

The relationships between the Nyah Project and our partner schools in host countries are established through our impact learning model. Our school visits foster mutual learning opportunities and intercultural exchange through interactive, student-designed sessions aligned with UNESCO and OECD  global education competency standards.

We remain grateful for our multi-year partnership with the Human Factor Leadership Academy [LINK] and the International Institute for Human Factor Development [LINK] .