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Our day in London would not be complete without our Lunch & Learn at London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency, tasked with telling London’s story brilliantly to an international audience.

Organized and hosted by Ted Edwards, Senior Business Development Officer, London & Partners, he shared some poignant leadership advice: “Just be yourself. The best leaders don't force you to follow them, they invite you.  Good leaders listen and learn.”

Our visit featured presentations and roundtable discussions with:

Katie Hegarty, Programme Manager, Traveltech Lab,  a co-working space that aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and creativity, and bring together technology startups with big corporates within the travel industry, which has housed 69 companies since it’s launch in 2015

Followed by, Sarah Towle, Founder, Time Traveler Tours, a content creator of interactive story-driven treasure hunts to historic places enhanced with gamification and augmented reality experiences

Finally, Nick Larson, Director of Business Development, Time Looper, a company that utilizes virtual and augmented reality to recreate historic events at iconic locations across the globe, enabling visitors to not only see the sites as they are today, but also re-live the moments that made them memorable-- all with a smart phone.  He impressed upon us the significance of video: “if a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is work 10,000.”

Sounds like we need to get started on our Nyah Project 2017 recap video. . . .

Special thanks to the British Consulate General Miami for facilitating this engaging and educational experience.

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