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It’s official, we’re off for a life changing journey.  For some, it will be the first time on a plane and other remain anxious with anticipation.  

A few of our 2017 Nyah Fellows shared what they are most excited to experience:

"This experience will open my eyes, broaden my mindset, and most importantly inspire me in ways I have yet seen." Kemoni Alexander

"I have the opportunity to change someone's life and create relationships that will serve me in the future." - Isabella Lopez

" A good leader listens and communicates with team members in order to develop the process, achieve the goal, and execute the plan." Dwayne Martin

"Some may never get the privilege to leave their hometown, I thought it would be amazing to embark on a journey like this." Majel Williams

"I really want this experience to stay with me, inspire me, and give me direction." Claudia Carujo

"There are so many places that offer new and exciting experiences. The Nyah Project has the keys to access these amazing opportunities." David Bruce

“The Nyah Project focusses on building student leaders through opportunities that happen once in a lifetime.  I am excited to explore the culture in every country we travel to.” Nia Sweet

"My goal is to make sure I leave a positive impact with the individuals I engage with in Namibia" Alvin Huezo

“It will give me the opportunity to experience an entirely different world and culture.” Trevian Jean Francois

“To change the world, you must first explore it and find things you believe must be altered.” Samara Rolle

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